Fourth of July

Cornerstone was happy to host, as it always does, a wide array of people from our community for spectacular fireworks display this year. It was designed by the Wiscombe brothers and run that night by Titus Hendrick, and Timmy and Jay Wiscombe.

We were blessed by the company of college professors, school principals and administrators, local business leaders and our county commissioner and family as well as refugees from downtown St. Louis, international students, active and retired Air Force officers, lawyers and police officers, activists and members of the LGBTQ community plus friends and family from across the city that represent as wide an array of beliefs, religions, politics and social views as one might ever find on one piece of property.

We gathered out of thankfulness for getting to share life together here in an imperfect country that allows us an extraordinary amount of personal freedom. We gathered together in love. People are drawn to Cornerstone through friendship, frequently having served the marginalized here or having enjoyed it as the safe haven we have always desired it to be. Love wins. It never fails. If you don’t have plans elsewhere next year, join us. You may learn something extraordinary from a new friend who is nothing at all like you. It’s just the best!

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