What We Do

Cornerstone Farms is an equestrian center equipped with stables, outdoor arena, indoor arena and a 2,000+ foot clubhouse with a kitchen. The farm spans 30+ acres. A large fishing pond sits on the north side of the grounds. Back from the road sits David and Cortland’s house surrounded by large shade trees, perfect for large-scale outdoor events. A white three-rail fence runs throughout the grounds creating large pastures where horses graze.

Cornerstone Farms hosts many events throughout the year.    

Movie Nights Under the Stars

Join us on select Friday evenings in the summer as we relax on chairs and blankets spread out on the grass in front of the big screen and watch some of the best movies ever produced. 

Respite Nights for parents of children with special needs

Many parents struggle to find childcare for their child (any age) who has special needs. Often a “typical” babysit isn’t equipped to handle their needs. Respite parties allow parents of children with special needs the opportunity to rest and restore while their children enjoy the opportunity to explore the grounds, fish, pet horses, relax in the tree swing and more. 

Large Scale Events

Throughout the year we also host a number of big events for special purposes. These events include: 

  • Summer Nights (Saturdays in June & July)
  • Harvest Festival for Refugees
  • Fourth of July Celebration
  • Christmas Eve Service in the Stables

In addition to community-wide gathering, our large scale events allow refugees and other children from the city an opportunity to get out of the concrete world they live in and rush into the beauty of natural surroundings. They can enjoy an evening surrounded by trees, horse pastures and a pond, enjoying food, drinks and conversations with friends, nosy horses, hungry fish and their families. 

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