Refugee Harvest Fest 2021

It was a beautiful day in every possible way this year. Our horses came dressed as unicorns and fish were friendly enough to be jumping onto our lines. We hosted a number of families from Afghanistan who were newly settled in St. Louis, and entertained all the kids with multiple games of soccer (football), volleyball, basketball, corn hole and swinging. Not only were the best hot dogs in town served but our international friends brought food from their home countries! There were bubbles everywhere, with face painting and chalk art and a half dozen fire pits making for wonderful groups of conversation. The equestrian club girls did a fabulous job hosting kids down at the barn for feeding the unicorns. The photo booth was beautiful! We say it every year, but with six of these under our belt, it’s a mainstay. It’s now impossible to imagine fall at the farm with the Harvest Fest! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success!

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