Who We Help

Partnering with People of Excellence

Our farm is a home to firsts – catching your first fish, meeting your first pony, hosting your first birthday/pony party, and having a farm that feels like home. We do this better when we partner with existing organizations of proven excellence, who can better inform us about how we can meet specific needs in their communities.

Foster Kids

The newest group we welcomed to the farm this year was foster families. We are working alongside the Restore Network and getting to know people in East St. Louis and So. Illinois.


St. Louis has become home to over 26,000 refugees–many of them displaced by war and persecution. We have been working alongside Oasis International in St. Louis for almost a decade, in providing large and small-sized events for our immigrant friends across the region.

Children with special needs

Across a decade, Cornerstone gave 10,000 free riding lessons away through its non-profit, recreational riding program, Bridge the Divide, For years, CSF was also a work-site to an adult living and employment program for those with disabilities called Trinity Services. Now, we are super excited to welcome Joni & Friends to East St. Louis and look forward to a great partnership for more kids from our city.

4 Replies to “Who We Help”

  1. I’m interested in riding lessons for my daughter she’s 14. She has autism but I’m wanting her to learn to ride independently, trail riding and such. She did therapeutic riding for 3 years at Chakota. I feel like she’s past that. We do trail rides all the time. She did one in May at a scout camp by herself and in New Mexico today on a mountain by herself . We usually ride a few times a year. Thanks’

    1. We really don’t have trails at the moment but you might want to check with Marcy Heepke at Triangle H Farms in Edwardsville, IL. Sorry that we can’t help you just yet

  2. Hi my name Andrea Blackmer I have a severely disabled son who would benefit greatly from your therapy

    1. We aren’t up and running with any recreational riding programs yet, but we do have special needs families out here for big parties with ponies, fishing, swinging, outdoor games and crafts, sports – volleyball, soccer, basketball, cornhole – it’s a ton of fun and if you feel like stating late)

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